These  modules is a teaching and learning element for form 5 students in Malaysia. It consists of mind-map, notes, formulae and skills organised in a systematic way and user friendly.





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GSP-Learning Dynamic Math Visualization


GSP or Geometer’s Sketchpad is an interactive and really helpful tools in simplify the understanding of particular subjects in form 4 and form 5. It was designed to help you learn about this dynamic math visualization in a practical and fun way. There’re attachments on the right side of this blog and were divided into seperated folders; form4 and form5.

Among the topics highlighted are:

Form4: circular measure, differentiation, function, geometry coordinate, quadratic equations, quadratic functions, simultaneous equations and solutions of triangle.

Hurry, do explore this tool and grab them from MySharedBox.

p/s: Remember to install the GSP software first before you browse those folders.

Form5: Prob. distribution, solid of revolutions and triginometry.


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Linear Law Form 5


Linear Law form 5

There will be 2 important handout for this topic entittle Module1 (Linear Law) – Word format and Linear Law Form 5 in pdf format. Grab them from MySharedBox.


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Integration of Volume – Form 5

Integration of Volume for Form 5


Again for this topic, the slide show included tips, formulas that need to be mastered, errors and things that you need to know. Grab the slide show in powerpoint format from the MySharedBox on the right side of this blog. Feel free to click and download.

Slide 1

Have fun~!

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General Skill – Hidden Information


6. General Skill – Hidden Infromation

For this topic, it exposed things that you need to know before answering the questions. It elaborates more on the actual meaning of the questions.

There will be 3 different attachment for this topic:

a) Hidden Information – Attractive slide show in Powerpoint format

b) Hidden Information – Student Copy

c) Hidden Information – Teacher Copy

Both of them are really useful for in-classroom session.

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General Skill – Graphic GSP


5. General Skill – Graphic GSP

Graphic GSP is a software that help expressing an abstract concept for particular topics. Certain topic in the slyllabus will be more easy to understand through graphic illustration and movement e.g. pythagorean theorem etc. Make sure you install the GSP software before you browse through the files. Jump directly to the My Shared Box on the right side of this blog, click on the installer and files, download them.

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General Skill – Concept & Formulae


4. Concept & Formulae

In this topic, the emphasize will be more  on the basic concept and important formulae for every topic in form 4 and form 5. Notes given makes things simple yet understandable.

For larger view, click on the thumbnail below or you can download theConcept & Formulae slide in pdf format directly from the My Shared Box on the right side of this blog. Just click and download.

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