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General Skill


UnderĀ  General Skill, there will be numbers of sub-topic in order to make learning process become more easier and effective.

  1. Overview – quick revision, comprises of skills and tips for student
  2. Faux Par – explaining the do’s and don’ts when applying formulaeĀ  or method in problem solving
  3. Bloopers – Common mistakes by students during examination
  4. Concept & Formulae – emphasize on the basic concept and important formulae for each topic
  5. Graphic GSP – expressing an abstract concept for particular topics
  6. Hidden Information – things that you need to know before answering the questions
  7. Revision – fast-track revision

For more detail understanding, go directly to the sub-topics that had mentioned above and also you can download the provided hand-out/slide for particular topic.


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